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Expert Recommendations for Finding a Trusted Mobile SEO Company

The mobile SEO company you partner with can make or break your online presence. It’s crucial to properly vet the list of potential SEO providers to find the company that best fits your business.

As a trusted organic SEO company, we know first-hand how crucial the beginning stages of a client relationship are. This is why we compiled a list of 8 factors you need to consider when searching for a mobile SEO company. Use it to help you make informed decisions during your search!


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What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is a search engine optimization practice that improves a website’s mobile responsiveness and user experience (UX) for smartphones and tablets.

Organic SEO best practices still apply to mobile SEO, but there is heavy importance placed on mobile UX, mobile site speed, and mobile functionality. Mobile SEO is a result of Mobile-First Indexing.


What is Mobile First-Indexing?

Google implemented Mobile-First Indexing, meaning the website’s mobile version will be crawled and indexed before the desktop.

Google announced its intention to move forward with Mobile-First Indexing in 2016 and fully rolled it out across all websites in 2020.

Mobile-First Indexing is a significant ranking factor for SEO. Even if websites find that most of their website traffic comes from desktop users, your website must be optimized for mobile SEO first because that is the first thing search engines will see.


Mobile SEO Company: 8 Factors to Watch For

When choosing a mobile SEO company, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you’re making an informed decision. Here are some key aspects to look for:


1. Expertise and Experience in Mobile SEO

First, look for a company with a proven track record in mobile SEO. There is a difference between mobile SEO vs desktop SEO. Check their portfolio and client testimonials. Verify the experience of their team members, especially those who will be working on your project.

While you may only be able to speak with some team members who will be working on your campaign, you should at least be connected with the team’s SEO manager.


2. Willingness to Deliver Case Studies

Requesting case studies from an SEO company before committing to working with them is essential to making an informed decision. If a potential SEO provider responds negatively to your request to review case studies, this is a major red flag.

Case studies are tangible evidence of the company’s expertise, showcasing its ability to achieve results and adapt strategies to diverse challenges. Reviewing these real-world examples, businesses can assess the SEO company’s track record, transparency, and credibility.

Ultimately, this information helps mitigate risks and ensures that the chosen SEO partner has a proven history of delivering successful outcomes for other businesses in your industry.


3. Setting Goals and Expectations

Reputable and trusted mobile SEO companies will prioritize understanding your industry, your unique situation, and your business’s goals and timelines. It’s not a good sign if the company rushes into the campaign without first addressing these core elements.

Without establishing clear goals, expectations, and timelines, the relationship between an SEO agency and the client will crumble.


4. Adaptability to Algorithm Changes

SEO is dynamic, and search engine algorithms change. An excellent mobile SEO company should be adaptable and stay updated with industry trends and algorithm changes.

Additionally, they should demonstrate their understanding of SEO best practices during the beginning stages of this relationship. Ask thorough questions to better understand an SEO company’s knowledge of Google’s algorithm updates and best practices.


5. Compliance with Ethics and Guidelines

You should start to get a sense of a company’s code of ethics with the previous factors above, but if not, verify that the company follows ethical SEO practices. Potential SEO partners should comply with search engine guidelines.

Unethical practices can lead to penalties and damage your online reputation. Link building can pose a risk because some companies still implement spammy practices to build a website’s authority quickly. Even though Google has taken a strong stance against spammy strategies, some agencies believe they can outsmart search engines.

Spam updates are released more frequently, and it may take some time for search engines to flag every site implementing shady and outdated practices. It is a risky game to play, and ensuring your website doesn’t fall victim to this trap is vital.


6. Solid Communication and Transparency

Clear and consistent communication is key. A worthy mobile SEO company should exhibit solid communication skills and transparency at every stage of the SEO campaign.

Keep a close eye on how they report on an SEO campaign, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the agency only report good news?
  • How do they speak to poor-performing campaigns?
  • Have they conducted an in-depth review into possible reasons for an SEO campaign downturn?
  • How do they receive your questions?
  • Do they encourage you and your team to engage with their team?


SEO performance will fluctuate because of constant algorithm updates. It’s not realistic to only receive positive results with SEO. There will be some dips, but an experienced SEO provider will have an action plan ready to remedy the performance drops.

A reputable mobile SEO company will provide updates on progress, challenges, and strategy adjustments. Remember to be patient with your SEO provider as they research new updates and run tests to identify the latest best practices.


7. Packages that Meet Your Business Needs

Look for a company that tailors its strategies to your specific business goals and target audience rather than employing a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important to consult with multiple mobile SEO companies to review what their SEO packages consist of.

This does not mean an SEO company is bad if their prices are too steep for your budget or if they focus on specific practices that don’t align with your business needs. It’s just a sign to continue searching for a provider aligned with your budget, resources, and goals.


8. Pressure to Commit

The last factor we want to address is whether a potential SEO provider pressures your company to commit. If at any point you feel pressured to sign a contract before you’re ready to commit, run in the opposite direction.

No reputable and ethical SEO organization will pressure a business into working with them. This demonstrates poor character and distrust. A trustworthy mobile SEO company will equip you with the necessary details to make an informed decision on your timeline, not theirs.


Is it Worthwhile to Work with a Mobile SEO Company?

It is absolutely worthwhile to pay a mobile SEO company to improve your website’s mobile responsiveness and rankings as long as it’s a reputable and trusted organization with a successful track record. Watch out for the eight factors we’ve listed above to help guide you in your decision!

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Maja is the SEO Manager for the marketing team at Summit Scout. After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in Marketing, her focus has been on expanding her knowledge and skill set in SEO. Prior to joining the corporate marketing team at Summit Scout, Maja gained experience working at several digital marketing agencies in Salt Lake City, focusing on SEO strategy development and fulfillment, as well as client account management. Working closely with clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise organizations, she has managed and executed SEO strategies for over 20 different company websites. Outside of work, Maja loves to go on hikes with her husband and dog, play volleyball, bake and cook, and try new restaurants throughout the city (she considers herself a fry-connoisseur).