A Technical SEO Case Study

The Challenge:

Flags for Good wants to increase 1st-page visibility to bring awareness to various social issues around the world. 

The Solution:

Combination of back-end development work and on-page optimizations to pages of the website.

Summit Scout started with a full technical audit of the website. We identified key issues needed for Google Algroythm compliance. We created a keyword opportunity list and located pages of the site relevant to those key search terms. Comparing their page data with their competitors pages' ranking for opportunity keywords, we created new, relevant, keyword-rich content each month for pages of their website.

Summary of tasks performed each month:

  • Technical Audit and code fixes
  • New Meta Data creation and implementation
  • added content to pages as needed
  • Internal linking campaign tying pages together across the site
  • Added Schema to pages to help search engines understand the content of pages better

SEO Before Summit Scout:

Total No. of Keywords


Total No. 1st Page Keywords


Organic Search Traffic


Average Monthly Organic Revenue


The Results:

Over 900 1st page terms in only 8 months

This graph shows the steady increase month over month of new 1st page keywords climbing the Google SERP. Continued attention to technical issues and the creation of keyword-rich, unique backend content for pages of the website every month led to growth in both keyword rankings and organic revenue.


flags for good keyword growth image

SEO After Summit Scout:

Total No. of Keywords


Total No. 1st Page Keywords


Organic Search Traffic


Average Monthly Organic Revenue


In terms of percentages, this equates to:

  • Total Number of Keywords Growth = 251%
  • Total Number of 1st page Keyword Growth = 393%
  • Organic Search Traffic Growth = 64%
  • Average Monthly Organic Revenue Growth = 37% Or Positive $4,700 a month increase

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